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Reviews & Awards


AWARDS  and REVIEWS : Geometry Wars 3:

Nomination for 2015 BAFTA Game Award. ‘Best British Game’ category

 “one of my favourite soundtracks of the year”   Game Informer

“the music is my favourite part”   Reddit 

 “Great visuals and soundtrack”   Metro

 “Exhilarating and captivating audio-visual design”   Games Radar

“10/10”  Pure Xbox 

“electronic tracks fit perfectly”   IGN

 “a beautiful example of how both the visual aesthetic and the music can combine to create a meaningful impact on the gameplay”   Digitally Downloaded

“terrific soundtrack”    God Is A Geek

 “nice sounds and pulsating electronic music provide the perfect aural landscape for hypnotic shooting action”                                        Xbox Achievements

“Everything about this title says modern retro done right”  “the soundtrack behind the game is something truly to be appreciative of”   Gaming Bolt

“perfect soundtrack”   Gamers Hub

“the game has some superb tracks and likewise the sound effects are spot on”   Metacritic

“The soundtrack and neon-inspired aesthetic makes the action feel like it’s taking place in the blood-soaked arcardes of the 80’s”   Arcade Sushi

I-War 2: Edge of Chaos:

Nomination for BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award in the music category

“The sumptuous score gels superbly”    BAFTA Awards committee

Best Game Soundtrack

Gamer EXE Magazine


“one of the most atmospheric soundtracks yet to grace the PC- mesmerizing, hypnotic, dark foreboding beauty”   PC Zone

“The visuals are the first thing to impress; the second is the music, truly epic feel”   Edge magazine

“fantastic original score”   The Adrenaline Vault

 “Striking…terrific audio tracks”   Gamezone

“awesome soundtrack”   Daily Radar

“catching the moment perfectly, the music gives rhythm to your flight in this universe in a masterful way”    nVidea

“the music rules”    Firingsquad

“the music is haunting and serves the vastness, and the vast loneliness of space well”   Gameplanet

‘A soundscape symbiotic with the unfolding of the action. Determined music, anguishing or tense means that you are totally immersed throughout the game”    Juevideo

“The musical score the developers chose suits this game perfectly,  sometimes you will swear your in a movie theater watching a scripted film”   Mgon

“It truly makes deep space seem lonely, cold, and dangerous. It creates an immersive ambience that wraps around you; I can’t begin to explain what the music does to your playing experience. It simply makes it much more enjoyable”   TechTV


“..the in-game music is some of the best I’ve heard..”

“..I decided to play this another time because of the great music..”

“..I love when the violin kicks in. My defining memory of the game after all of these years..”

“ absolutely wonderful thing I loved listening to..”

“..this is one of my favourite soundtracks ever..”

“.. all the Edge of Chaos tracks have a permanent second home in my ipod..”

“..I’ve liked the EOC score so much I have replaced some of the X3 Reunion MP3s with them. It’s not hard to do..”

“..the music is absolutely amazing; It’s pretty hard to describe, but you’ll be hooked to it in no time..”

“..the music is astounding..”

“.. hauntingly beautiful..”



Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit:

“Sounds as it should: cute and quirky”   IGN

“the soundtrack is top shelf”    Cheat Code Central

“The cute claymation couple look and sound pretty good in this mission-based platform…the music in the game sounds appropriately goofy and authentic”   Gamespot

“sounds gloriously Wallace-and-Gromitty”   Worthplaying

“The game looks and sounds great”   WHAM! Gaming